When I first started working with Patty Clair, I had a beautiful condo full of "stuff". I truly liked my "stuff". I thought I needed all of it to savour and reinforce 70 years of memories that everything gave me. I wanted change, but couldn't see how that was going to happen.

My life-style of accumulating inhibited me from making decorating changes to my condo.

Over time, I could see flat surfaces cleared off on the floor and space opened up. Boxes of stuff had been emptied, recycled, or pitched. When they disappeared, floor spaces opened up. My redecorating ideas began to assert themselves. I simply couldn't have persevered without her support. She listened to my ideas and asked questions that helped me to clarify my thinking and choices. Today I have a home that reflects me in color, comfort, and peace.

For 18 years, I despaired over never being able to park my car in my garage. It was too full. Last fall I was able to pull my car into the garage with room to spare! What a luxury! To Patty, I say thank you for a permanent lifestyle change.

- LH
Simply amazing! What Patty did over the past three years has gone beyond just decluttering- she gave us new ideas and strategies to build our own methods of organization. She has an optimistic, nonjudgmental and creative style when working with us. We are truly honored to have worked with her for the last three years and would recommend her to family and friends!

- T /J O
simply put, llc made a difficult task possible. Imagine over 50 years of music in a church choir loft. Now imagine organizing it and all the hymnals and items used by singers and musicians in a busy church. With a number of sessions, steady patient progress was used by "keeping it simple" to find a place for everything. No more stacks of music and crammed files and closets....a magical transformation. Thank you simply put!

- JC
I was appointed executor of my uncle's estate. I was in charge with getting his home in order and settling his affairs. The task of getting the house in order would have required a leave of absence from work. Patty Clair got the job done! She was timely and direct, helped me to prioritize tasks, and gave great advise on where to turn for resources. I cannot recommend her enough. She delivered a finished product and saw things through to completion.

- TF
Big Project Done in Record Time. Patty kept us on track when we closed down our storage locker. She helped find a wonderful mover, sort everything, and get it in the right place. Made a difficult job very easy.

- KD
Patty has worked with me on many projects over the last three years, most recently organizing personal belongings prior to our move date. As we all know, moving can be stressful. Patty helped me with purging items that I did not need to move with us and arranging for most of those items to be donated to local charities. We have a large storage area in our basement that Patty helped to clear out and organize prior to the movers arrival. Our driver for the move, said it was highly unusual to see such an organized storage area which made his job a lot easier. I would highly recommend using Patty, as she can help making moving a lot less stressful.

- DW
Patty was a great help in assisting me in clearing out, cleaning, and organizing my cabinets, closets, and drawers as I prepared my house for sale. She is quick and efficient and gets to the heart of whether something should be kept. Her mantra of "Love-Honor-Use" as the criteria for keeping things made it easier to decide what to do with things. I highly recommend Patty!

- MH
The most helpful part of my session with Patty was the cleaning out/decision making questions she encouraged me to use when I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep or get rid of an item. I got rid of far, far more working with Patty that I ever would have working on my own. Most important, I have continued to get rid of lots & lots on my own because my session with Patty was so energizing and empowering.

- EH
Thank you so much for your help in getting our house organized before putting it on the market and moving into our new home. Your assistance was invaluable. You helped us prioritize tasks; worked by our side going through closets, cabinets, and shelving room by room; helped decide whether to box and move, give away or throw away; and helped declutter our old house to get it ready for sale. With your focus, we always felt like were making progress.
Our move went very smoothly because of the prep work we did with you. And then during the move, your help in identifying where furniture should go or how the kitchen cabinets could be used was so helpful in getting us organized in our new home.
Throughout the process, we especially appreciated the information you provided on where to donate discards and whom to contact to pick up junk. We had at the ready all the resources needed during the decluttering and moving process.
It was great to have your guidance in a potentially stressful move. Now people are amazed we're not still living out of boxes 2 months after our move. We always give credit to the organizing effort we went through with your guidance. So thank you! We look forward to working with you in the future.

- I/T M
Excellent work!! Patty Clair used her time at my home fast & accurate and made the best way to use space in my closet. She made it very easy to find everything at a glance! She also was neat, and polite & thorough too. I highly recommend "keeping it simple" to everyone! Definitely will use this wonderful, helpful service again.

- LH
Patty Clair is the owner of keeping it simple. Patty agreed to fly to St. Louis, Missouri to assist me with my very large project. I had 28 years of belongings in my basement, things that were moved multiple times and not thrown away. In addition, my garage needed organizing. Patty and I set a date. She counseled me in what I could do ahead of time to facilitate an efficient and successful 2-day job. We had a lot to accomplish. I took her advice in staging areas, and throwing away obvious items ahead of time before her visit. Patty arrived ready to go full throttle and quickly assessed what needed to be done. Patty was respectful, professional, efficient and complete. Not only did we finish the basement, but the garage was completed as well. Amazing! I am beyond thrilled with the results. Thank you, keeping it simple!

- BR
As an ADHD Coach and CHADD coordinator for adults with ADHD for the Westlake Satellite, I asked Patty to talk about organizing for the CHADD group. Because Patty took the time to learn so much about ADHD, her presentation was well received by this group, giving them useful tips and methods to prepare themselves for getting organized. Thank you, Patty.

- JK
I am so glad I heard about keeping it simple. Even though it took a couple of sessions, Patty was able to transform clutter into comfortable living space. Her energy, positive attitude, and marvelous ability to systematically envision the end result are truly amazing. Thank you so much for your help.

- RK
Patty came into my house with a plan and executed it swiftly and efficiently. Under her gentle, but knowledgeable instruction, she and I transformed first my basement- then my garage- into an organized, well-appointed rooms. She not only accomplishes the physical and material tasks at hand, but gives invaluable emotional support in the process.

- KN
It is a month and a half after completing my work with simply put, llc, and my house is still organized and comfortable. Merging lives with a partner is a challenge. Merging "things" with a spouse is even harder. simply put, llc gifted our family with more space, organization, harmony, and peace. We couldn't have done it alone! Thank you!

- DB
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Everyone really enjoyed your presentation last Monday...I've heard nothing but positive feedback! We especially loved the before and after pictures. From what I've heard, you've motivated a lot of people to declutter! Thank you so much!

- LS
Patty is amazing to work with and I appreciated her enthusiasm and her work ethic. She is a top-notch professional, a problem solver, she works quickly and efficiently, and is a project manager extraordinaire. This was a challenging project for us, since we were emptying out our family home to put it up for sale, and we lived out of state. Patty was extremely supportive, understanding and patient through it all and did an excellent job making it all happen with our changing timeline. I would hire her again in a second. Thanks Patty for being there and keeping this process from being overwhelming.

- MP
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Patty is very easy to work with. I always felt very comfortable when working with her. She helps you to have order back in your life

- TC
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Patty was very easy to work with. She has a great way about her so that when she is pulling all your junk out with you - - you don't feel embarrassed or guilty about the overwhelming dust bunnies hiding. Patty rolls up her sleeves and does a ton of the work with you and is supportive and happy to give advice so that you can make progress on your own. Of course, it's up to us to keep the systems in place and the new clutter at bay!

- BR
Patty was amazing. She was creative, made great suggestions, and made me feel at ease. I would use her again and recommend her ten times over!

- LT
In using the services of simply put, llc, Patty Clair helped me to tackle the clutter in my garage. It had become an overwhelming mess of seasonal items and garage "stuff". Patty came in like a whirlwind with a plan and an exorbitant amount of energy and focus for the project. She was extremely supportive and realistic in helping me not only sort through years of "stuff", but to truly set up a system of organization - a system that I can use in my home as well as my work.

Patty was efficient and made sure the project was wrapped up at the end of our work sessions. I truly appreciated that she worked with the storage items I already had in the space and made it work to give an uncluttered and organized garage. I highly recommend simply put, llc!

- CM
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Over a year ago, Patty came to my home with lots of good ideas and suggestions. She listened to my needs and helped develop a plan that would work in my home. A year later, the system is still in place and working!!! I had stacks of paperwork and just dreaded having to go near my desk. In the past, I would spend between 3-5 hours a month going through papers just to pay the bills. Patty helped me set up a system that takes minutes a day. And to be honest, when I slip up, and don't get to it daily, I spend less than 30 minutes to get it back in order. She has seriously added time back to my life.

Additionally, I have had a few questions over the year, and she has been more than willing to give suggestions. She has truly been a blessing to my family. Thank you Patty!

- RS
Patty was phenomenal to work with. We had three weeks to get our cluttered/disorganized house ready for a realtors' Open House and to go on the market. Patty had a great plan that allowed us to schedule the time necessary to tackle the project room by room, so it did not seem so overwhelming. Patty's unwavering energy keeps you at it through the whole project and keeps something I dreaded, fun! Patty also gave our entire family (parents and children) strategies to learn the organizing skills we need to keep the house looking so great and so organized. Patty was well worth the cost and exceeded the value. We have the confidence we will recover our investment in organizing our house in a higher selling price! Thanks Patty- you made it SIMPLE!

- SM
I referred Patty to one of my clients who was preparing to sell their home. Prior to working with Patty, their home was in no way market-ready. When they were finished working with Patty, not only was their home in excellent condition, but the family learned new organizational habits they will utilize their entire life. That being said, it was on the market for 3 days, and we received an offer. We all can't thank Patty enough for a job well done.

- KH
On Tuesday, March 8th, Patty Clair presented a wonderful program, simply put, llc, at our library. Patty's use of personal items and stories, along with a great power point presentation, helped us to understand why organization is necessary. Then, she took us step by step through her program "SIMPLIFY". We all came away with renewed enthusiasm and the tools to help us "get organized". A great presentation!

- LT
Patty is simply amazing. Not only is she effective at organizing, project planning, and motivating; she's also a caring and sensitive person. And did I mention "fun"? I had the daunting task of coming in from out of state to sort through and do something with the entire contents of my parents' (and my childhood) home. This was after a death and after moving the other ill parent. We accomplished everything in record time and with my sanity intact, all thanks to Patty. The house sold in six days, with multiple offers, and 10% above asking price. Everyone remarked how spacious it was. It felt like I found a friend instead of just an organizing service. Patty is also great at following up if you have questions and helped hunt for solutions, like where to donate medical equipment. She takes a personal interest in seeing a job through to completion and making sure the client is satisfied. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

- SC
Our project was to list a home for sale in Cleveland Heights that was almost 4,000 square feet, and the current owners had lived in the home for 50 years. Patty was brought in to offer us all her expertise on organizing, separating items that needed to be donated, and sorting what the owners were taking and leaving. What incredible energy and drive Patty has! She was able to lead and organize us all, resulting in incredible results in about 3 weeks. We couldn't have done it without her.

- AP
I would like to thank you Patty, for teaching me that "less is better and beautiful".

- MS
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Patty's intention was that the experience be pleasurable. I was skeptical to say the very least. How could parting with...a lot... result in anything resembling pleasure. How wrong I was and how grateful I am in being wrong. It was as she suggested, downright liberating!! I want and intend to become more liberated! She will be back!

- L/I G
Patty Clair of simply put, llc made a presentation at our October, 2008 luncheon of Associates of NewWestsiders. Not only was she informative with creative ideas on organization, Patty inserted humor and down-to-earth solutions for annoying household problems such as paperwork, closets, kitchenware, basements, and garages. Not only do we women struggle in our hectic daily lives, she showed us how to simplify these challenges. Patty is an outstanding, talented speaker that any organization would enjoy having and to learn how to turn chaos into order.

- ZB
It was fun to "dig in" and tackle the cleaning/organizing job with Patty Clair. She provided the motivation to make it seem like a manageable task.

- PR
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I had been collecting "boxes of stuff" since the early 90s. They moved with me from apartment to apartment during college, and from floor to floor when I bought my house. And of course, the collection grew. I didn't know what to do with it anymore. The "work on it for 15 minutes a day" approach didn't work for me, there was just too much stuff.

A friend recommended I look for a professional organizer. I checked the NAPO website and contacted Patty. She has amazing energy, and really focused on what I needed from the space. She has great suggestions for deciding what should go and how much of something to keep. She didn't pressure me to get rid of things I wanted to keep, and we still got rid of a LOT of stuff. Even though she was "in my stuff," it wasn't intrusive, because she let me make decisions about where things should go. Even after our planned sessions were done, she helped me track down some specialized storage options.

The bulk of my "boxes of stuff" collection is gone, but I hope to have Patty back soon to help with some of what remains. Thanks, Patty!

- KK
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My organizational experiences with simply put, llc were extremely productive, fun, and amazing! The transformations in any area touched are motivating me to continue in new areas on my own and to keep things more in order. Patty not only gave me the tools to better organize, she provided me with efficient and practical steps to keep organized. She was always on time for appointments and made sure to completely clean up all areas before she left, so I was left with a completely organized space.

- HW
Working with Patty was a great experience for me and my daughter. She understood the issues around working with a teenager and provided encouragement while allowing some flexibility with how to organize my daughter's things.

- BD
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During the few very enjoyable times Patty helped me in my room, an unbelievable transformation has taken place. Not only was I left with a functional and beautiful room, but with the skills I need to keep my room and stress under control!

- GH
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Patty was a wonderful help in organizing all my family photos and in suggesting and even actually moving bookcases and other furniture. I would highly recommend her!

- LT
Patty brings great focus, flexibility, and fun to you. Through her mature organizing skills, along with her logical problem solving methods, she succeeded in making my life more simple, especially in creating specific "go to" places. An extra bonus is that she lightened my load of unnecessary items, and I felt lighter.

- SL
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Patty supported me in unloading things that I have had a hard time parting with. Patty's energy "drove" me from box to box, and we purged the entire closet... and had fun reminiscing.

- AH
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I was never able to use my closet before now. Patty took the unusual space and organized it with me so now my closet is functional and easy for me to use.

- MC
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Working side-by-side with Patty in our garage made me realize how much "stuff" was hanging around that I haven't used in years! The time went by quickly, and before I knew it, my garage was completely organized and functional.

- MS
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