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Patty Clair Teams Up With New Day Cleveland to Share Simple and Cost Efficient Products That Add Space to Your Closet

Local professional organizer, Patty Clair of keepingitsimpleohio, LLC teams up again with New Day Cleveland host David Moss to share some of her favorite products for creating space in your closet.

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Embrace the spring season by slimming down apartment clutter

As the warmer weather sweeps in, so does the desire to throw open the windows of your apartment and purge anything that is weighing you down. One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning, after all, is ridding your home of the stuff that you don't need and creating a fresher, more streamlined living space.

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Setting Up A Home Filing System

Even though we are a society moving more and more towards a paperless system, the fact remains there are still important documents we need to have on hand and be able to retrieve easily.

Patty Clair of simply put, llc was invited back again to the studio of Fox 8's New Day Cleveland to speak with show co-host David Moss about some simple filing tips anyone can follow when putting together a filing system for personal papers and/or a home-based business.

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Get the most out of an apartment with multipurpose rooms

When it comes to living in cramped quarters, the secret to making the most of the space available often involves using rooms for more than one purpose. A 120-square-foot apartment living room, for instance, may have to act as a family room and a play room, or the guest bedroom in your two-bedroom rental may double as a home office.

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An Organized Garage Doesn't Have to be a Contradiction of Terms!

With the arrival of warmer temps, tackling some of your outdoor projects seems so much more manageable and inviting. Organizing your garage is just such a task! Much like attics and basements, garages have a way of accumulating items that you no longer need/use or don't have a designated home. With just a few simple steps, you can reclaim the space in your garage and even have enough room left over to park your car in there too! Patty Clair of simply put, llc joined New Day Cleveland host David Moss to share tips on how to clear out the clutter in your garage.

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Downsizing to a new apartment means less stuff, not less style

Some people downsize when they move from a house to an apartment, perhaps trading in the responsibilities of home ownership for an easygoing apartment lifestyle. The extra free time affords them time for travel, dining out, going to shows, volunteering or pursuing new educational opportunities. Other times renters downsize when they relocate to a smaller apartment that is more affordable or closer to their favorite hangouts. Either way downsizing often requires a serious pare down of home goods.

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Pint-sized bedrooms provide big design, organization challenges

Quite often, first-time renters find themselves squeezed into bedrooms that are smaller than they anticipated. The scenario, of course, is not limited to newbies. Those relocating from a suburban apartment to a downtown loft may have to trade square footage for a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and moving in with a new roommate can mean more of your belongings have to find a home in your limited personal space.

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Organizing Can Be Easy When You "S I M P L I F Y"!

Patty Clair, Professional Organizer and owner of simply put, llc (Shaker Heights, Ohio) helped ring in the new year on Fox 8's New Day Cleveland by sharing her easy-to-follow acronym: S I M P L I F Y. She discussed the organizing process and helped viewers learn the 8 steps anyone can take to declutter any space in their home.

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Organizing Holiday Decorations

Decorating for the holidays is the perfect time to get organized for the next year! With a little planning and foresight this year, you can alleviate a lot of the stress next year as you begin your holiday decorating!

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Managing Your Mail and Your Papers... It's easy if you have a system!

Even though we all are trying to "go green" as much as possible, we still seem to have to contend with a myriad of mail and papers on a daily basis. Keeping up with it all does not have to be difficult or stressful. By utilizing a simple system and a few files, keeping track of the papers that come into your household each day, can be a snap! Patty Clair of simply put, llc joined Fox 8 New Day Cleveland hosts again to share some tips on managing the paper pile-up.

Repurposing Items in Your Home

Organizing items you need to store and retrieve easily can be often be accomplished without an expensive trip to your local Target, Office Max, or Container Store. You might be very surprised how many everyday items you already have in your home can actually be repurposed and made useful when it comes to storage. Patty Clair of simply put, llc recently joined host Jimmy Malone of Fox 8's New Day Cleveland to offer tips on this very subject!

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Questions To Ask When Organizing!

Patty Clair of simply put, llc was asked to join Fox 8's New Day Cleveland again to speak about questions one should ask when deciding what to do with items they come across when organizing any space in the home.

Maximizing the Space in Your Kitchen

Unlike years ago when kitchens were just places where meals were prepared for family members and guests, today's kitchens are truly the hub of the majority of activities in our homes. Beyond meal prep, today's kitchens serve as recycling depositories, home offices, homework stations, and gathering places to entertain family and friends, just to name a few. Patty Clair of simply put, llc joined host Jimmy Malone of Fox 8's New Day Cleveland to offer tips on how to increase your kitchen's storage capacity.

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New Day Cleveland

Patty Clair, Professional Organizer and owner of simply put, llc (Shaker Heights, Ohio) was a featured guest this week on Fox 8's New Day Cleveland morning show. Sharing her expertise on the necessities of getting organized, she highlighted 5 simple items every household should have to stayed organized.

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Keep it light and streamlined for an airy small-space makeover

For many of us, designing any room is a daunting task. Bringing fabulousness to an especially small apartment may seem downright exasperating. The good news for those who live in studio apartment or otherwise humble abode is that you don't have to scale down your design aspirations. For one thing, smaller spaces are inherently cozier and require less effort to create a welcoming atmosphere. And creating a cohesive look is easier and less expensive since fewer design elements are needed to create the desired ambiance.

Define your space when working in an apartment home office

The prospect of setting your own schedule and creating your own work environment is what lures many renters into working from home. Home-based working, however, offers a chance to save time and money. It cuts down on commuting.

Renters can transform a small, dull bath with soft hues and organization

Apartment bathrooms typically aren't the most glamorous or roomy spaces. In fact, they can be downright sparse. That doesn't mean that they can't be functional and even attractive. There's a lot that you can do to add style and create space in your apartment bathroom.

East Side Professional Organizers Plan to Change the World With Shoes

Four Professional Organizers from the East Side of Cleveland are planning a Sole Filling Event to gather unwanted shoes, sandals and sneakers to be donated to people in need all over the world, by filling a truck with shoes. Their local Chapter NAPO North Coast Ohio has set a goal of collecting 20,000 shoes between now and January 21st. This is all part of a national NAPO Challenge for GO (Get Organized) Month in January 2012.

Sole Filling Event
10:00 AM til Noon
Saturday, December 3rd
Hawken Middle School
5000 Clubside Road
(off Richmond between Mayfield and Cedar)
Lyndhurst, Ohio

WKYC Joins Forces with Local Organizers

Patty Clair, Professional Organizer and owner of simply put, llc (Shaker Heights, Ohio) was one of the first featured guests in 2011 on WKYC Channel 3's "Organize Your Life" series. Discussing the organizing process, she highlighted the simple steps anyone can use when decluttering spaces in the home.

Local Professional Organizers Donating Services to Dress for Success

For the second year in a row, Dress for Success Cleveland will be the recipient of services donated by NAPO North Coast Ohio in honor of GO Month. GO (Get Organized) Month is sponsored each January by the National Association of Professional Organizers. During a time when many make a New Year's Resolution to become more organized, events such as this, which are conducted by local Chapters and NAPO members, highlight the benefits of organization.

Getting a Grip
by Susan Condon Love
The Plain Dealer, January 22, 2009

Patty Clair of simply put, llc was in charge of the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland's "Day of Organization." I asked her to give readers a few easy tips to help us become more organized in our daily lives.

Putting Christmas Back in the Box
by Roxanne Washington
The Plain Dealer, December 30, 2008

Packing your Christmas paraphernalia with streamlined efficiency is a great way to start acting on your annual Getting Organized promise. Invest in see-through storage bins that make it easy to get a quick look inside when its time to unpack. But don't buy storage items until you've pared down everything you want to keep. - Read More >>

Declutter and Get Organized to Create Space
by Robert Sberna
The Plain Dealer, April 20, 2008

Feeling cramped and crowded in your apartment? Learn some great organizing tips and important guidelines for starting an organizing project. - Read More >>

Cleveland's Ronald McDonald House Reorganizes
by Susan Condon Love
The Plain Dealer, February 28, 2008

Tamara Spotts, left, along with fellow organizer Patty Clair, center, talked recently with Linda Peters, the volunteer coordinator at the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. The three women are standing in the storage room at the house, which recently underwent a rearranging blitz thanks to more than a dozen area organizers. - Read More >>

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