Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Professional Organizer do?

A Professional Organizer helps individuals take control of their surroundings and time, by teaching and providing organizing systems and strategies specific to the needs and lifestyle of the individual. Working side by side with clients, a Professional Organizer is able to assess the organizational needs, come up with a workable plan, and guide/assist individuals to decide what to keep, what not to keep, what to give away, or store in an appropriate place so it can be found when needed.

What's the advantage of using a Professional Organizer?

Much like seeking the services of a personal trainer or an interior decorator, the advantage of working with a Professional Organizer is that you hire a knowledgeable person in the field who can assist you in realizing your desired goal and achieve long-lasting results.

Professional Organizers offer customized, workable solutions tailored to your specific needs in an efficient manner. They are educated professionals who understand organizing principles and how to begin the process. You can also be confident that a Professional Organizer will refer you to someone else if they cannot fulfill your needs.

Although many believe they should be able to tackle an organizing project on their own, it is sometimes just too overwhelming or time consuming to do the research necessary to complete the job. Hiring a Professional Organizer will allow you to benefit from their organizing experience and knowledge, ultimately saving you valuable time and money.

"I would be too embarrassed for anyone to see my mess. It is beyond repair!"

We all have spaces which are not as organized as we would like them to be. Professional Organizers see these types of situations often and look at them with a non-judgmental eye. Professional Organizers are there to help you take control of the clutter and to help you decide how to best organize your spaces. It is important to remind yourself that organization skills are learned skills, and Professional Organizers are trained to transfer these skills to you.

The most important decision you can make is to decide to begin the process. Working with an organizer, many are pleasantly surprised by the progress made in a short amount of time and by how much better they feel, knowing they are regaining control of their time and space. In the end, clients enjoy less stress, increased productivity, less clutter, easy retrieval of things they need, and more time to pursue goals and interests which are important to them.

How much will it cost?

Professional Organizers should not be confused with "cleaning ladies" or "housekeepers". They are professionals who have committed themselves to the organizing business and to arming themselves with the appropriate knowledge and the necessary tools in the field of organizing. While hourly rates across the United States vary in price, simply put, llc fees are competitively priced for the Columbia, SC area and are charged by the hour.

Once you recognize how much time you save knowing where to go to retrieve the items you need, as compared to how much time you waste moving items from one pile to the next day after day, the investment will prove well worth it. simply put, LLC offers a variety of affordable options to suit your needs. Call (216) 214-3596 or e-mail to learn more about a free in-home consultation and organizing work sessions.

What is NAPO?

NAPO stands for the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Founded in 1985, it now celebrates a membership of over 4000. The non-profit association is dedicated to the field of organizing and to serving its membership through education, networking, industry resources, professional development, and promoting the industry.

Why should I insist on hiring only a NAPO organizer?

Organizers who are members of NAPO have made a clear statement about their commitment to their organizing business and to their clients. Members of NAPO agree to abide by the NAPO Code of Ethics (see Our Guarantee section) and pledge complete confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism. NAPO organizers are committed to continuing education and to learning about the latest resources and products available to help their clients achieve their organizing goals.

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